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Why I love Porn GIFS

People always ask me why I love porn GIFS so much. The truth is that there are several reasons as to why I am such a fan of animated porn GIF images. When I first began to view porn online, I mostly looked at sex pictures of hot women. I spent a lot of hours checking out porn sites full of free sex pics of every kind of sexy girls you can imagine. Being able to see erotic sex pictures of the hottest women in the world made me a porn addict. I was online every day viewing sex images of all kinds of hot girls having sex in all sorts of positions imaginable. There the Asian women sex pics which I spent hours masturbating to. Why not? These were some super beautiful and luscious sex pics of Asian girls. My favorite were the ones of the Asian girls with huge tits and slim bodies. I went through the ebony girls phase as well. Seeing sex images of lustful black or dark skinned women turned me on instantly. Especially when I watched them get rammed with a big cock from behind. I often imagined myself being the one banging them instead.

After a while, I wanted more than just free sex pics though. Still images of titillating gorgeous women were great. But there was no movement and the sex pics, no matter how hot, were limited in enjoyment because of it. That’s when I began to turn to porn videos. The porn videos of women having sex completely changed the way I watched porn online. Now, I was finally able to see women getting fucked as if it were in real time. Sex pictures were cool. But a porn video of the same girl playing with her pussy or tits was awesome. I don’t remember how many times I was jerking off each day while watching these porn videos.

There was a real problem though since the videos took much longer to load than a regular sex pic. At times, the video would buffer and not show for a while. Other times, the video would stop while I was in the middle of getting a boner. That was truly frustrating for me. Downloading the video solved that problem, somewhat. The only thing was that I had to wait hours for the videos to download. The time it took for them to download depended on the size of the porn videos.


One day, a friend of mine sent me a porn GIF image. It was a small 10-second clip porn GIF of a super hot girl playing with her tits and pussy. I must have played that porn GIF at least 100 times. I was instantly hooked on animated porn gif images. I found several sites that had all kinds of porn GIFS. There were the Latina babes porn GIFS with some sexy and sensuous Latina girls with big asses. Others showed some Asian babes getting pummeled from every position. Before long, I was a porn GIF addict. The best thing about porn GIF animated images of hot women is that they are so easy to view. It takes a few seconds for them to load on your browser. If you decide to send them to someone, it takes even less to share. Since they don’t take up much space, you can store millions in your computer. An animated porn GIF is about the same size of a sex picture.



I still love sex pics don’t get me wrong. But now that I have discovered how great porn gifs can be, it is not the same. What I do now is that when I find some really hot sex pics, I turn them into a porn GIF. It is very simple to do and you can view about 10 to 15 sex pictures in just one GIF of porn. Creating a porn gif using several sex pics lets you choose which order to place them on and how long each image stays on during each turn. An animated porn GIFS of sex pictures is like a moving collage of the images you want. I also took several clips of my favorite porn videos and made them into clips via porn GIFS. I find the best sex scene and create a porn GIF image online using websites that let you do them easily.

Sex pics were great for me at one time. But now, I am truly addicted to porn GIFS and not even ashamed to say it.